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  • Member: Bluestreak2
  • Studio: Bluestreak Productions
  • Title: Kingdom Cross
  • Premiered: 2006-04-14
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    • 403 Southern Cross
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  • Comments: This is my first ever AMV, WOOOOOoooo, I entered it into the AMV contest at Anizona 2, and have recieved praise for it so I'm working ever the harder to upload it onto this site.
    I have also sent it to Akon under anime inspired and plan to send it to Anime Next and Anime Expo once I stop being lazy.

    I used Ulead 8, this is the first time ever using something more complicated then Virtual Dub, so it was quite the experience. I believe I worked on it for a solid 2 weeks using up all the free time I could and then 2 weeks after I finished that version and had watched it over 100 times I went back and fixed anything that bugged me.
    Some may notice that there are scenes that are more or less straight from the source vid, I did this becouse I felt more like trying to tell a story then jump around every 2 seconds, although I did spend quite a bit of time playing around with the speeds of the scenes so that they would go well with the music.

    I was inspired to do this AMV when my friend showed me the flash animation "Nightmare City" I thought the music was absolutly awesome and when it finished with "raise up our hands, our hands" I couldn't help but think about Riku in Kingdom Hearts, thus the conection was made.
    I also tried to play with the idea that Namine` was destiny, thats why I had my 1 and only Lipsync of her saying "or defy me" XD

    I went with a WMV format, I'm really new to video encoding and WMV seemed to give me the best quality for the size.

    If your interested in seeing the Flash animation that inspired me you can find it here:
    And 403 Forbiddena has all of their songs available online here:

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