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  • Member: spenceinspace
  • Studio: Interdimensional Productions
  • Title: Reflections of Sakura
  • Premiered: 2006-04-01
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  • Songs:
    • Disney Reflections of Earth
    • Epcot: Illuminations Reflections of Earth
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  • Comments: I've been wanting to do this amv for a long time now, and I've finally finished it. It's an amv about Sakura thinking, and reflecting on the things which have happened to her. It's all told from her point of view.

    Essentially what it is is Sakura dreaming about things which have happened to her. She wakes up and thinks "is that it?" and goes through other things which have happened.

    The biggest problem I had with this amv is making sure there were no spoilers, that way even people who haddent seen the series coudl watch it. lol ok well, I will say this, It really helps to have both Tsubasa Chronicle and CCS but you don't have too. You'd just appreciate it a whole lot more.
    In the amv sakura is thinking about her memories, and she's reflecting upon them, thinking. Hence the name. I think the song, Reflections of Earth just really fits in.
    Now I'll let you all know I have inserted text into the amv, that's the way Sakura's thinking
    also any subtitles or things like that which appear, beilve it or not I actually put in there deliberalty. ( Can't tell you how hard it was getting the timing down bleh!)
    There are slow parts to the amv, the song is slow in the middle, hence more thinking to help speed things along.
    I really like the ending though, it really matches the music I think, and though I don't have as many of my usually overlays and things I think it works just as well. If not better than some of my other stuff.
    I'd really like to hear what you think about it! So any opinions are very much welcomed.
    Yeah I know, it's large. Sorry about that, any smaller and the picture begain to get fuzzy and not at all nice to view. lol to tell you the truth, it looks as if I used a soft filter on the whole thing and I kinda like it that way.
    Well if you wouldn't mind leaving me an opinon I'd more than appreciate it!

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