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  • Member: SLB
  • Studio: Samuel L. Bronkowitz Productions
  • Title: Vash The Cowboy
  • Premiered: 2001-02-16
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    • Kid Rock Cowboy
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  • Comments: This is the video I have completed I am the most proud of. If you watch it, you can see the influence of watching a lot of Kusoyaro videos. However, this was a video begging to be done, and since there weren't any really good Trigun videos out, I felt it was about time someone did one.
    I had the idea for the video soon after I got started, but I had friends who kept telling me not risk taking the series they loved and turning it into some crap they would kill me over. So, finally, in secret, I borrowed my friend's Trigun DVDs, went through and finished about 1/4 of the video, and let them watch it. They liked it so much that my friend gave me his DVDs to own so that I could finish the video and take my time with it.
    This video went through about 5 revisions before I finally said, "Cut! That's a rap! Let's move on!" It took me a while to learn all that Premiere could do, and even more so. It helped out with some of the special effects shots, and was overall a good learning experience about taking words and twisting a scene around them. All told, I worked on this video from September to December, 2000, with Premiere 5. I think it paid off.

    NOTE: To answer some of the questions brought to me in the opinions category, the "rainbow" effect was put into the video during output from Premiere. I still didn't know exactly how to output it without dithering the colors and so that's my bad. Plus, my computer is old as hell, so that's all it can handle. Also, comments on the sound. Yes the song is speeded up. I took the song into winamp, and raised its speed by 6%. Mainly for both pacing reasons and for the simple fact that I like song better that way. Just MHHO, but oh well.

    1st Place in the Action Category
    Katsucon 007 (Feb 16-18, 2001)


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