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  • Member: Super Vegetable
  • Title: Seiji's Dirty Little Secret
  • Premiered: 2006-04-11
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    • All American Rejects Dirty Little Secret
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  • Comments: This is a video about Seiji and Midori from the anime Midori Days. It concerns Seiji's struggle to keep Midori, a girl who is replacing his right hand, a secret from everybody. At the middle, she vanishes from his hand and he is left with memories of the time they spent together as man and right hand. Then at the end he meets her as her true self. To explain this anime a little better, Midori the green haired girl on the right hand and the green haired girl at the end, was a normal girl who had a crush on Seiji, the blond-haired guy. One day, she awoke to find herself on Seiji's right hand and so the crazy situations begin, with Seiji doing his best to keep her a secret from everybody. In the end, she returns to her body and meets up with Seiji, that about sums up the show, please enjoy this music video, the lip synching was a great pain but well worth it and there's a small amount of digital effects.

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