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  • Member: grimgal200
  • Title: Scary Chibi Movie 3
  • Premiered: 2006-04-10
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    • Scary Movie 3 Trailer
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  • Comments: My fist amv, so I hope you all like it. It's made completly of the FMA Chibi OVA, as I do not yet have the whole series in my possesion for use.

    Because of this there is some footage is reused, which I hope doesn't bother anyone too much.

    My main focus was lip sync, and for my first time I don't think I did too bad. I hope I will improve as time goes on, and make any future amvs I make even more enjoyable (or just enjoyable in general if you think this one reaks).

    Some of the clips I used where right at a scene change, and since WMM only lets me shorten a clip so much, there are a few breif flashes of scenes that I'd rather not have there.

    I hope you all enjoy


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