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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Title: Everything I Know = Weird^2
  • Premiered: 2006-05-26
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    • Weird Al Yankovic Everything You Know is Wrong
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  • Comments: I know, It's an overused anime, and a fairly overused art as well. But A) This song itself isn't particularily overused itself, and B) Excel Saga fits this song so well, and I have been planning to do this for too long (over 3 years) NOT to make this AMV at some point.
    I put that it has spoilers, and I guess it does, but the scenes are so randomly strewn together that anyone who hasn't already seen Excel Saga (I you don't need to see this AMV), likely won't realize if anything were a spoiler or not. Not that there's a whole lot to spoil in excel saga anyways :/
    I guess there's not really much else to say. No use for my usual long speal of a video description. I did my best on it, so have a look and Enjoy!
    O btw, since AN i changed one or two scenes. I either was too rushed to get it done before the deadline to remember to do what I originally planned or something struck me as a good idea after the fact (and by 'either' I mean both :P). Not that anyone would notice even if they were there for the showings :/
    Also the music playing during the credits is "Excel Saga OST Jikken 1 - 15 - Shoudoubutsuyou tte kotode...." in case anyone cares :|. Too trivial a thing to list as part of audio sources.
    I managed to get away with the second honourable mention spot in the Open categaory at Anime North
    Received 2nd place in the Comedy category (audience vote) at Anime Mid-Atlantic
    Runner-up: Best Comedy/Parody at Anime Evolution 2006

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