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  • Member: rhkaloge
  • Studio: ABR Industries
  • Title: Robot Fighting Time
  • Premiered: 2002-10-01
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Ozma Korobeiniki
  • Anime:

    This video was made for several reasons - they are:
    1) There are hardly any DUAL videos out there
    2) The song ROX
    3) I got a new computer, needed to test it
    4) I wanted to see if I could do an instrumental

    This is the result. Frankly, it sucks, but I finished it so you gotta watch it. I was actually about to delete this one, as I have a 30 Gig HD which is about 4 DVDs (13 eps) and it was just sitting there, taking up space and not finishing. So I outputed it to video so perhaps I could come back to it one day, but as I watched it, I realized there were some cool scenes that needed to be published, so I sucked it up and blasted through the last 30 seconds. Kinda a life lesson, no?

    Anyway, why it sucks. The concept started off like this - Dual=Eva Rip-off (in a good way), therefore Dual Video = Eva Video Rip-off. And the worst Eva videos I could think of are all Eva fighting themed. So I made this video with ONLY robot fights. That lead to some problems. There are alot of cool pieces to this video, but there are some that are just kinda filler. I TRIED to make the action flow with the music, but I have a feeling some will not feel the same about the tempo as I did. You listen to this song 500 times, and you too will notice "slow" parts. So you put it all together, and you get a video better than random clips put together, but no masterpiece. Oh, and I love beat matching - it's all intentional.

    BTW, as for the song, I am curious who recongnizes it right off. The name of the file will give you a hint about where it is from...

    Tech Data:
    Edited on Premiere using DVDs ripped from ErMaCs guide. My comp it a AMD 2000XP with 256 Ram (sloooooow) The download is made using AVI2VCD, since I have problems with TMPG (ie I have not paid for it)

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