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  • Member: Super Sapien
  • Studio: Ere Cell Studios
  • Title: To Hell In A Handbasket
  • Premiered: 2002-10-01
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  • Song:
    • Ozma Korobeiniki
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  • Comments: I worked very hard on this video, more so than any other I have created, which is ironic considering I was never going to release it and was going to keep it as a "me-pleaser." Eventually, I had invested way too much time in it to have it go unseen, so here it is.

    Personally, I don't feel like this video is entertaining in the slightest. The editing is fairly well done, though I switch from syncing to guitar to syncing to drums somewhat randomly, and that tends to confuse people. It was just poorly conceptualized (is that a word?). There's no point to it.

    I finally got into Adobe After Effects with this one... I created the intro in Ulead, then imported it to After Effects to tweak it, add noise and blur and flatten the text. The intro alone took 6 hours to make, though I ended up removing some of the filters I added for the sake of simplicity. The whole video took a couple months of work here and there, around 40 hours total.

    If you're wondering why the song sounds really familiar, it's from Tetris. This video had about 500 downloads before I accidentally overwrote it. :(

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