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  • Member: Dirk Stabben
  • Title: Weapons with Silver Wings
  • Premiered: 2006-03-23
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    • Depeche Mode Precious
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  • Comments: I originally got the idea to put Saikano to "Precious" back before the song became overplayed, and before the recent "Playing the Angel" tour hype really began. *sweatdrop* By the time I made it, the song was overplayed on the radio to all hell, but still, it seemed like the perfect song for Saikano. A love story, which falters, but offers hope at the end... this is true for both the song and the Saikano series.

    40+ hours went into this. Every FX shot went through several test-renders to see which version looked best, in terms of transperancy or the effects used, before moving on to the next scene. Some entire scenes, which took an hour or two to make, were scrapped for a better idea. This is definitely the most in-depth work I've done in AMV-making, and a tad touchy, since I can relate to Shuji and Chise. ^^;

    At one point, I was worried I went overkill on the special FX, but everyone who's seen it thought they were very fitting, and that a "Precious" AMV is meant to have FX shots left-and-right. XD

    I designed this video specifically to be a real treat for the people who've seen Saikano, and to intrigue those who haven't seen it. As such, I've avoided any "spoiler" shots (certain characters dying, etc) and anything therein that is a "spoiler" really isn't, since the series is so messed-up, you'd have to have seen the series to know what was really going on.

    This video was entered at the 2006 Anime Central AMV contest. To my complete surprise, it won Best Drama. I was overjoyed, I really didn't see it coming. ^___^

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