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  • Member: Dreizehn†
  • Title: Just don't cry
  • Premiered: 2006-04-07
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  • Song:
    • Cradle of Filth No Time To Cry
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  • Comments: It's been quite a while since I uploaded an AMV. Yes, I have made a few but I always had various codec problems from which resulted that my videos had "a not so qood quality" on one hand - and really too big filesize on the other hand.
    But now I'm using matroska! ;-) This allows me to make an 3-minute-AMV in quite a GOOD quality and a filesize of only 16 MB! ;-)

    It is possible that you will have PROBLEMS WITH OPENING the AMV.
    In this case look here:

    The new VLC Player 0.8.5 plays nearly every video file :-)

    But now about my new AMV:
    I still can't explain why - I just wanted to make an AMV with the song "No time to cry" by "Cradle of Filth" (originally by "Sisters of Mercy")...then I saw Paranoia Agent and it was clear what I had to do.
    If you know Cradle of Filth it should be clear. If you don't know them and you really dislike metal & screaming...then you should avoid viewing my work.

    Otherwise...just have fun like I did while making it!!

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