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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Scryed: The Last Stand
  • Premiered: 2006-04-05
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    • X-men 3 Trailer
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  • Comments: yay another trailer, using movie audio...

    When i first saw the X-Men 3 trailer i immediatly thought "SCRYED!!!", it was a perfect fit. I just didn't have the footage, until i bought it from best buy >.>

    So, yes, this is a trailer if you havn't figured that out yet. First thing I did, before i even got the video, was to edit the audio. I didn't want this trailer to just be the X-Men trailer using Scryed so i edited the dialog so any reference to a perticular character was removed. I also removed dialog that i thought didn't fit. This was pretty easy and i'll explain that later.

    I also tried to keep the video about Scryed by charactor matching. i didn't want to just say, this char is this char becuase blah blah blah... I don't care about that. if you want to make an X-Men trailer using scryed then you can match person A to person B because his alter has spiky thingies on his arms or what ever. I picked charactors based on wither or not they fit they the voice and wither or not i could portray them correctly in the trailer. I wasn't going to use the main evil dude in scryed as Magnito just because he is evil and is the main evil dude... In fact, i didn't use him. He fit a polititian a lot better. i hope all that made sense.

    Technical thingies:

    This took me about a month to make. I pretty much spent the last week trying to find a scene to fit maybe 1 second as i had most of the video done last week. Then Krat came to the rescue :P

    I grabbed the audio from the HD version of the X-Men trailer. The audio was 5.1 and to my surprise all the dialog was on it's own track :O so i edited that one track. As i mentioned before, i edited out names and other dialog that didn't fit. One edit i'm rather proud of, Beast (in the X-Men trailer) is saying, "... has developed a way to suppress the mutant x gene..." but i edited it to say " ... has developed a way to supress the gene...". I wanted the trailer audio to fit scryed. Another way i'm trying to remove the X-Men part of the video.

    I also did about three masks. All three were just to remove lipflap.

    Special Thanks to my Canadian beta testers:

    Moonlight Soldier - beta testing
    Kristyrat - making me realize that i had the footage i wanted right under my nose >.<

    i think thats it... so enjoy...

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