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  • Members: Nightowl, gambitt
  • Studio: Nightowl Pictures
  • Title: TriEngel
  • Premiered: 2002-09-27
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    • Rammstein Engel
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  • Comments: Ah, this will be fun.

    Here's the story: As I was driving back from Otakon, Pat Bohnet (quu) and I got to talking about AMV ideas. I was complaining that I hadn't had a sound idea in a LONG time. So, as we were listening to a variety of music, Rammstein's Engel popped up.

    Yes, that Engel.

    To make a short story even shorter, Pat challenged me to do Trigun to Engel for AWA's Pro contest. As a guy who likes a good dare, I accepted, and this is what happened. Jeff Heller (gambitt) was staying at my house for a much needed vacation (which became about two weeks worth of straight work), so I enlisted his talent in helping me complete this beast within the time given - five days.

    I knew people would always associate Engel with Eva in the AMV world, as Caldwell did, in fact, create a classic piece of music video editing to that particular track. Knowing this, I decided (with help from both Pat and Jeff) to go in a somewhat different direction. I wanted to play with color theory, and make the video a bit more story oriented. So, this is what we came up with. There is a bit of conceptual parody in there, if you can spot it.

    And here's a quick note - I wasn't going to talk about this, just let people review it and see how many people would understand exactly what I did to the footage. There are at least 36 filters on EVERY frame of this video. The reason I did this is that I wanted as close to film quality as I could get. So, I initiated a process that would allow a video image - originally put to film and eventually captured to DV - to be transferred straight to film. Of all the AMVs out there, this is the only one on the level of technical film quality. The "specs." some would say, are there.

    But it was missing something else that annoyed me - grain. Film images have grain. The footage I got were direct DVD copies through a very expensive DVCAM deck. The image was flawless. After putting the video through my filter process, I included a grain filter embedded into the other filters. That particular filter, utilizing white snowshot from a TV screen, reacts to the chaotic nature of grain, giving the image a much different look. So, kids, the grittiness is intentional.

    There is a lot of story theory in there as well, but unless people start posting reviews not understanding that, I won't say anything for now.

    So here it is, a nice little challenge video that was a lot of fun to make. Jeff did some amazing composite work for it in my opinion (not to mention that little bit with the glass breaking), and I thank Pat for giving this to me. There ya go.

    Best Video in the AWA 8 Pro Contest
    Best Dramatic Video at AnimeUSA

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