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  • Member: tohru_tohru
  • Studio: Itsumademo Productions
  • Title: My Beautiful Love
  • Premiered: 2006-04-05
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    • The Afters Beautiful Love
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  • Comments: This video focuses on the Fruits Basket love triangle. It starts with Tohru having to leave the Sohmas, looks at how Yuki and Kyo react to it, and then ends with what they do about it. I used clips from within the first ten episodes, and had some liberty with my editing (meaning: I didn't get everything from episode 5!).

    This is my second try at an AMV, but the first one I was actually able to finish :P.

    When I heard this song last year, I just loved it, and eventually I had the idea to make a Fruits Basket video with it. I began scavenging the DVD's for potential clips last fall, but it wasn't until March that I decided to work on it, mainly due to Anime Central's AMV competition.

    It took me a while to get the whole video concept in my head. I started knowing what the ending would be, having an idea of what the middle needed, and no clue how to start it. However, as I started gathering potential clips for the video, and divided the song into five parts, the story began to take shape and was created from beginning to end.

    This is a simple AMV, with most work done on editing clips and synching scenes to lyrics and sounds. The most fancy this video gets are fades to black and white. I used VirtualDub (Avery Lee) for editing and Wax (Debugmode) for the fades. I had previously tried VirtualDub for my original AMV, but I had to relearn it after months of not using it, and eventually became quite familiar with it. Wax was a great tool, but only after figuring out the odd quirk that made it crash during rendering. All in all, I believe I spent about 150 hours on this video, distributed over three full weekends and some weekdays.

    Anyway, I hope you like this video. I'd appreciate any reviews or suggestions. I do intend to create more AMV's in the future, so if you see any issues you better tell me now before I repeat them again ;D

    Sugoi-con 2006 - Best Drama - Thank you so much!

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