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  • Member: rogueintellectproductions
  • Title: The One With the Alternate Friends Opening
  • Premiered: 2006-03-31
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    • The Rembrandts I'll Be There For You
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  • Comments: SPECIAL NOTE: I still haven't replaced my motherboard, but I did find a contest copy of the video. That's why it's mpeg2 and so huge. My apologies!

    This is just a little experiment of mine. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, so I usually kick myself out of one by making a short video. I was inspired by the lack of Daitenzen videos among all the Excel Saga videos, so I decided to make one using the Friends theme. After all, there are six members of Daitenzen, and six Friends. There are 3 male and 3 female Daitenzen members, ditto Friends. The Daitenzen have a love/hate relationship with each other, the Friends... well, you get the picture. Also, everyone hates the Friends theme song.

    There are some things to look out for - first, the Daitenzen/Friends are introduced in the order that they would appear on the real Friends credits:

    Matsuya: Rachel - Jennifer Aniston, because she's a redhead, she's sassy, she's hot, and she has a shower scene.
    Ropponmatsu I: Monica - Courtney Cox, because she's fairly level-headed, and it made sense to have her head roll by on the lyric "love life's DOA"
    Ropponmatsu II: Phoebe - Lisa Kudrow, because she's an utter ditz
    Iwata: Joey - Matt leBlanc, uh, du-u-u-uh
    Sumiyoshi: Chandler - Matthew Perry - the constant weight gain and loss is the joke here
    Watanabe: Ross - David Schwimmer, the dorky, put-upon friend

    There's a cameo by Kabapu, and the title is taken from the titles of Friends episodes (they all start The One With...)

    Someday soon, I think I'm going to extend the video to the entire song, just for kicks, and to torture you, gentle viewer.

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