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  • Member: AltruisticCrono
  • Studio: DZX Productions
  • Title: FF8 - Remember Me
  • Premiered: 2006-03-31
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    • Jeremy Camp Letting Go
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    Dedicated to Archangel Zero, my best friend of 15 years. Without you, I would be a much different person. Thank you for the memories.

    Many will simply pass over this video since it is an FF8 video. Let me assure you it is nothing you’ve come to expect from most video game AMVs. In fact, it was edited with my best and highest attention to date – often to the split second. For those who truly like to analyze videos and the emotion behind them, this video should be a treat for sore eyes.

    Originally released in 2002, Hold So Dear displayed the remarkable thought of Archangel Zero. Even though it was created early in his career with MovieMaker, it displayed so much emotion and attentive planning. What truly made it stand out was the footage he didn’t include – even though any video game AMV has tight constraints. When time came for me to recreate his vision, I knew it would be a careful process to amplify the emotion and flow. Watch another FF8 video and you will instantly notice what wasn’t included.

    -Before Watching-
    To understand the true perspective, view this video as if you are reflecting back on life. Every moment that you bring up from deep down triggers more memories – often ones that you forgot long ago. Ranging from one to five, the video track depth reflects this kind of thinking. ***You will not see everything that happens on screen....but pay attention to how they combine together.*** There is foreshadowing, reoccurring themes, emphasis on events, and color / blurring to complete the experience. Text also appears for certain words, phrases, or thoughts that Squall may have heard in his life.

    Btw...every scene was compressed with Huffyuv, but some appear to be less quality than others. Just so you know.

    You may also notice that certain sections are different from each other. These are divided into specific times in a person’s life:

    0:00 to 0:46 – Begins like a fairytale. Determines the who, what, where, why, & future events.
    0:47 to 1:11 – First memory with a true love. Awkward, yet unforgettable.
    1:12 to 1:38 – A rush of emotion. Colors, overlays, and foreshadowing.
    Text: You’ll find me. Refers to the FF8 opening scene with Rinoa in the fields.
    Context for video: Squall and Rinoa met for the first time, but they will find their love through experiences together.
    1:39 – 1:53 – A dream sequence. It’s one of my favorite visual areas.
    1:54 – 2:04 – Personal hopes and desires.
    2:05 – 2:21 - Self-discovery and personal enjoyment.
    Text: You were smiling. How did you know? Refers to game’s theme song Eyes on Me.
    Context for video: Squall saving Rinoa with the rope. Also represents memories that other people share with you.
    2:22 – 2:36 – Turbulent times with death, war, and destruction.
    2:37 – 2:55 – Tragedy.
    2:56 – 3:11 – Nightmares and fears.
    3:12 – 3:20 – Professing true love and being honest with yourself. Colors reflect the song’s sadness. If this part is watched separate from others, it becomes very emotional.
    3:21 – 3:43 – History frequently repeats itself. Your parents may have experienced similar events.
    Text: Father. Mother.
    Context for video: [text from] Although it is never stated explicitly, it can be accepted as fact that Laguna is Squall's father. More analysis can be found on that site.
    3:44 – 4:00 – A warm embrace after long separation. Anyone or anything that matters the most to you.
    4:01 – 4:48 - Ending to the story/life. Peaceful, thoughtful, and reflective.
    Text: Will you remember me when I’m gone? Yes…I promise.
    Context for video: Very romantic atmosphere. The promise of one’s love and remembrance is unforgettable.

    Any thoughts on my analysis?

    Found on the DZX website is a side-by-side comparison of the original. You will be amazed how much I kept of the original, yet amplified all emotions found within.

    Special thanks to AtomX for the Virtual Dub filters. It makes the video look spectacular.

    Reviews are appreciated. Let me know if I achieved my goal of making the FF8 story apply to anyone who watches it.

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