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  • Member: 1knighthawk
  • Title: A Needle in My Eva's Hand
  • Premiered: 2002-06-15
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    • System of a Down Needles
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  • Comments: This is another action AMV done by me. I am currently distributing it on WinMX, so if you can find ShiYojimbo, feel free to pull it down from me and redistribute it. This is currently how I'm gonna be distributing all my AMVs.
    Anyways, I am not really big on System of a Down, and I was actually looking to do the Legend of Zelda but someone told me I should do this one instead, and well...I did. So there it is. This uses footage from Evangelion TV, Death & Rebirth, and a quick clip here and there from End of Evangelion. It contains spoilers, just a bit of warning.

    I intend to send this one in to Otakon 2004

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