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  • Member: Kisanzi
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Ephemeral Reality
  • Premiered: 2006-04-04
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Razed in Black Visions (Reprise)
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: -Winner: Best Upbeat/Dance at Anime Central 2006-
    -Winner: Best Technical at Anime Weekend Atlanta 12 (EXPO Contest)-

    Well, looks like I finally finshed my newest vid and here it is. Originally I thought that my next vid would be a drama one but after Lightspeed Rush I still had too many ideas for dance so I put my drama on hold and made this vid. First off, I'll say that this vid has taught me an enormous amount of techniques and really challenged me to experiment with many different effect ideas and ways of executing them. So after finishing it I feel as though I'm walking away with alot of new knowledge and craft for my newer works.

    About the vid, I mainly made this vid because as I said earlier, I just couldn't stop getting ideas in my head. I actually had this vid planned out about 8 months ago but thought that I wouldn't have done it for a while since my last vid was an actiony dance vid as well. But needless to say I'm even more satisfied with how this one came out. In my opinion, Dual is a wonderful show that I've never actually seen used in a full length vid. Being one of my older favorites and after picturing the scenes and music together whenever I heard the song I decided to tackle the idea. Mainly this vid was just going to be more of a straight up beginning-to-end dance/action but after working on it I saw that a story could actually be implemented without killing the upbeat pace of the vid. The story that really surfaced was the relationship that Kazuki had with all the girls in the show. While one of them wanted everything to go back to the way things were, Kazuki still took it upon himself to save the girls in the alternate world. So that was the main theme that I wanted to express and the lyrics of the song just fit perfectly. My main goal for this one was to breakout and try effects that I never thought of attempting. So a good share of time was spent on this one not just editing, but trying to figure out how to do the effects that I was thinking. So after many hours of trying out different techniques I finally found a means of doing all the ideas I had and from there the footage just seemed to flow together.

    I chose the song because Razed in Black is one of my favorite industrial bands and it shocked me to find that they've only been used one other time on the .org. But this song is one of my favorites because of the unique energy and bass it has. The version I used is actually a remix of sorts because there is 4 or 5 versions of the song done in different fashions, but this one seemed to have the best rhythm and variety. If you watch the vid and enjoy the song I highly recommend checking out the bands CDs because every song on their latest one is simply amazing.

    That's all I really need to say about the vid. I really hope that everyone that watches it enjoys it. And if you've seen the show I feel that you'll see alot of the relevance that the lyrics and music have with the footage. But either way this vids was made for everyone to enjoy so hope you all like it. And remember that I always greatly appreciate opinions or quick comments so don't be hesitant to tell me what you thought. Enjoy!

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