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  • Member: FullOtakuAlchemist
  • Title: Furubreakdown!!
  • Premiered: 2006-04-01
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    • Be For You BreakDown!
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  • Comments: ~Here it is, Furubreakdown :) ~! I like this video, it's short and sweet, and was fun to make- I like it better that my Gravitation one... this is my second AMV :)

    ~Basically, this AMV is about the Juunishi, and their crazy relationship with eachother and Tohru Honda. There's quite a bit of lipsync, and it's EXACT, but NOT throughout the whole thing, so when the lips seem off or are moving when there aren't any words it Isn't lipsync XP This video contains mainly Kyouru (The Kyo and Tohru pairing), just in case anyone wanted to know.

    ~This video is very high-paced and considerably flashy, and the video quality is good, if I do say so myself. It was made with the combined forces of Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 and Windows movie maker- so it Isn't at all simplistic.

    ~~:) I hope you enjoy it! :)~~

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