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  • Member: Arczi
  • Title: *Remake* Fahrenheit
  • Premiered: 2006-04-01
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
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  • Comments: Hi^^

    I made this vid, few months ago... The reason, that I am uploading it now, not earlier is because, I dont like this remake... I tried to make it a lot lot better, but well... Today, I showed this amv to my friends (other very good polish amv creators, and friends), and they told me, that I have to upload it, and show to the others.... So, if you dont like it, go and tell them, not me:P.
    As you can see from the title, this is remake, of my older amv, to the same anime and song, of course. I wanted to make this remake, because, I made it to slow, for this music... This time, its very fast, and more synchronized with music... I hope, you like it.

    WARNING. I suggest not watching this amv in dark places. Eyes can hurt you a lot....

    Big thx to sys-zero,Cwistak and Evul. Its their fault, I decided upload this amv:>

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