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  • Member: starlady38
  • Title: Blood Runs Thicker Than Bleach
  • Premiered: 2006-04-01
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    • Editors Blood
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  • Comments: Another week, another video...that's the power of iMovie.

    Well, this is yet another Bleach video, with the twist that it focuses on Ishida (Uryuu), everyone's favorite Quincy-archer. He hates Ichigo & all shinigami, but simply won't acknowledge that he & Ichigo are essentially the same.

    As soon as I heard this song I thought it would make a good AMV, and I wasn't wrong. ;-) Editors rock, and "Blood" is probably the best song off their album "The Back Room." I hope (aside from the two obvious, gratuitous flash-effects) that most of the digital work in here is at least moderately hard to spot. It's my opinion that effects work best when invisible. Of course, since this was my first time with iMovie, I can't claim to really know what I'm doing just yet. Still, I had a sleep-deprived blast making this video, and I hope you enjoy it too. Comments are always welcome, and thanks for watching.

    MAJOR SPOILERS up through episode 58 (which is roughly chapter 155/vol 19 in the manga).

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