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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: Fullmetal Hell
  • Premiered: 2006-05-26
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  • Songs:
    • Aladdin A Whole New World
    • Blizzard: World of Warcraft Leeroy Jenkins
    • Bloodhound Gang I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks
    • DVDA Now You're A Man
    • Family Guy Episode Quotes
    • Frank Sinatra Let It Snow
    • Gary Portnoy Where Everybody Knows Your Name (theme from Cheers)
    • Jim Henson/Kermit the Frog The Rainbow Connection
    • John Williams Indiana Jones Theme
    • King Missile Detatchable Penis
    • New Line Cinema Snakes on a Plane promo footage
    • Nine Inch Nails Closer
    • Peter, Paul and Mary Puff the Magic Dragon
    • Simone Benyacar / Dan Nielsen / Veigar Mairgersson Requiem for a Tower
    • The Mr. T Experience Even Hither Had a Girlfriend
    • Universal Studios Dune Trailer
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    Thank you to everyone who voted for me! Both of these awards were decided by 5 votes or less, which means that even sham democracies work once in a while ;-)

    ATTENTION WOULD-BE YOUTUBE UPLOADERS: I know you love the video, but could you please refrain from YouTubing it? I spent an ungodly amount of time on compressing this video, and would prefer that people download the highest quality possible. Thank you.

    "I hate FMA fans." ~ me, in the Concept Statement for the Anime Boston 2006 AMV Contest Entry Form.

    "I was watching from backstage at the masq. Everyone was DYING." ~ Suichi, lead singer of the Bad Luck Cosplay Band

    "So, Dan, now that you've sold your soul to Satan, what are your future plans?" ~ Guyver2019, at the AMV Contest Feedback Panel

    The Concept
    After the backlash against AMVs with spoilers as seen on the Anime Boston forums (caused by kiarren's Atonement video), my annoyance at the glut of Hell-style videos, and especially after seeing the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, I set out to construct a video that would prove that most AMV viewers are sheep. Not that this really needs proving, but you can never find enough ways to give lab rats cancer.

    Thus, Fullmetal Hell was born.

    The Segments
    Requiem for a Spoiler (Audio: “Requiem for a Tower” remix)
    Anyone who was at Anime Boston 2005 is more than familiar with kiarren's Atonement video. While many people complained about spoilers (and continued to complain afterwards on the AB forums), the vid still won Best Drama (in more ways than one!) and Best in Show.

    So, this segment is more or less a friendly jab at Lyndsey (who actually provided a lot of feedback for this video as well as a few suggestions) as well as a less-than-friendly poke at the whiners. I consider it to be the spoiler warning for the video.

    Dragons On a Zeppelin (Audio: “Snakes on a Plane” promo non-trailer)
    Snakes on a Plane + ANYTHING = win

    Even Anime Hitler Had a Girlfriend (Audio: “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” by the Mr. T Experience)
    One of the more amusing parts of the movie is that Hitler is a character - I happen to have this song by The Mr. T Experience, and I managed to get it to fit quite well.

    To Live and Die in Deutchland (Audio: Clip from Family Guy)
    Originally I wanted to get the actual audio from the Dukes of Hazzard TV series (i.e. something like “Right about then, them Duke boys realized they were in a whole heap of trouble”) - I couldn't find it, so this little segment from Family Guy would suffice.

    A Whole New Subtext (Audio: “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin)
    When I first saw this scene, the first thing that came to my head was "Hey, it looks like they're flying a magic carpet..." and thus I had an excuse for an Elriccest segment, much to the amusement and chagrin of my FMA-loving friends.

    Let It Snow (Audio: “Let It Snow” by Frank Sinatra)
    This segment is basically to exploit the shot of Roy being buried in a snowdrift - there's a great shot in the same scene of him trying to start a fire w/ matches, but I couldn't find a good spot for it.

    Armstrong's A Man (Audio: “Now You’re A Man” by DVDA)
    This segment was suggested by Lyndsey. Blame her.

    Envy, the Angsty Homunculus (Audio: “Puff, the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul, and Mary)
    The original audio for this was "Why Can't We Be Friends" by War, but it didn't quite work. In this segment, you can start to see my contempt for FMA fans and my desire to make them cry.

    Detatchable Automail (Audio: “Detachable Penis” by King Missile)
    Well, his arm and leg can’t be the ONLY things that come off easily, right? This is one of my favorite segments in the video - I love how the last shot lines up.

    The Subtext Connection (Audio: “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog)
    When flipping through the footage I remembered this scene - it was an excuse for another ZOMG SUBTEXT subtitle, so I gave it a shot and it turned out well. There was going to be a third similar scene (the pairings were to get weirder and weirder), but it got cut.

    I Wish I Was... (Audio: “I Wish I Were Queer So I Could Get Chicks” by the Bloodhound Gang)
    Me making fun of Roy, and Roy/Riza shippers. Moving on...

    Indiana Winry (Audio: “Indiana Jones Theme” by John Williams)
    When you watch the movie, you'll notice two things about Winry - A, she's got this Indiana Jones-esque outfit going on, which I like. B, SHE DOESN'T SHOW UP IN THE MOVIE. Maybe five minutes of screen time, MAX. It's sickening. The logo took longer to get right than I care to admit.

    Dan Hates FMA Fans (Audio: “Closer (radio edit)” by Nine Inch Nails)
    Take what you will from this segment. I took laughter, personally – they don’t actually have sex, but nobody who hasn’t seen the movie will know that.

    He Who Controls the Stone... (Audio: David Lynch’s Dune Trailer)
    One of the ideas that originally inspired this AMV - the trailer audio is from David Lynch's Dune movie from 1984. I really want to do the full trailer one day...

    EDWAAAAAAAAAAARD EEEEEELRIC! (Audio: Leroy Jenkins WoW movie)
    Lyndsey's fault, again.

    Where Everybody Knows... (Audio: Cheers TV Theme)
    A fitting end to the video - basically, everyone who died in FMA shows up in some form in the movie, and the Cheers theme fits quite well.

    Technical Nitty-Gritty
    My source was the limited-edition R2 DVD of the FMA movie, which came complete w/ English subs among other things. I used Premiere for editing, Photoshop for the Indiana Winry and Fullmetal Hell titles, VirtualDub for encoding the XviD, and meGUI for encoding the h264 version. The former came with Kalium's help, while the latter was accomplished with the assistance of JCD.

    LOCAL is the XviD, playable on just about anything.

    DIRECT (hosted by JMS) is an h264 file. You'l need the CCCP or VLC Media Player to play it, but it's a lot smaller and looks just as good.


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