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  • Member: *Sango Lover
  • Studio: ~Zero Hour Media~
  • Title: [ZHM] Kannaduki no Miko Chikane_Himeko
  • Premiered: 2006-03-27
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    • Cascada Everytime we Touch
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  • Comments: It's been awhile... this was a fun one to make... that is after i finally found a song. This took me a good deal of time figuring out what to do and how to even start. This rivials my other AMV Hatoris Past which is my favorite AMV of all. All my other AMV's are garbage ^^. I love this one and Hatoris Past the most cause they were the most time consuming and heartfelt productions. This AMV is second in line to watch... in other words don't watch any others bisides this and Hatoris Past. I fell in love with Kannaduki no Miko even before I actually saw the anime itself. After watching it I had a passion to make an AMV. The video quality is alittle sloppy... my ripper sucks. But this is the first AMV I have without SUBTITLES! NO SUBTITLES!!!!!! WOOT! I'm happy for that at least. This AMV is based around the best things Himeko and Chikane shared and how it all turned out in the end. Not a big spoiler but there is still some big stuff. Well enough of that, Enjoy!

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