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  • Member: mikestrife
  • Title: Chapter 219
  • Premiered: 2006-05-26
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    • Sum 41 No Reason
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  • Comments: This is technically and creatively my most ambitious AMV to date.

    The concept came to me quite a while ago and I haven't seen anything try to do the idea so completely. I spend several monthes working on this amv and 80% of that time was preplanning - Storyboards, and lyric sheets were constantly updated. The after effects got tough to manage, but it finally came together.

    The general story of the video is just to reshow the Sasuke/Naruto waterfall fight that is about 5 episodes long in the anime, and begins in the manga on chapter 219. The fight really marks the turning point of Naruto and Sasukes relationship.

    The song itself worked so well because it can be taken like a narrative. There's lots that the characters can be saying to each other and I really used that.

    Now it may seem like another Naruto/Sum 41 amv should be totally dismissable, but that's exactly the point. One thing I tried to go for with this video is that Video/Audio source are irrelevant. It's really the concept that drives the anv and even though several other Naruto AMV's use this same song this one is completely unique.

    The majority of the AMV was created in After Effects. I put together huge movie clips of every page and created a transition to simulate the page turning. After putting it together I used Premiere to do the timing and in this case Premiere Pro's enhanced motion effects really made it an easier process.

    One challenge was to keep the style consistant without losing the detail. I was constantly afraid that the vdeo would just come out to be unrecognizable blobs of black and white. For the most part I'm happy with how it came out though.

    I really don't know if people will love or hate this amv, but I just had to create something original and I really hope it's enjoyed.

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