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  • Member: Phoenix_X
  • Studio: Sonic Burn Entertainment
  • Title: The October Revolution
  • Premiered: 2006-03-29
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    • Boney M Rasputin
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  • Comments: Greetings I based this little first AMV of mine on Russian history,
    (Spoilers enclosed, Well not really excel saga had no plot to spoil)

    AMV Back Story:
    I named it after Vladimir Lenins communist revolution the October Revolution.
    Essentially Ipalazzo is playing the role of Vladimir Lenin. Fighting every one in his way;
    giving attitude ruling his communist party. Evidently like Lenin he looses power early on
    in his career and its game over.

    I shortened the song partly because most AMVs are too long.
    Secondly my attention span is a matter of seconds,
    so I want to at least watch my own video with out zoning out on something shiny.

    Created during the Ontario College teachers Strike,
    And I dedicate this video to my inferior education! yay!

    This was not made to offend any residents of Russia,
    and or any supporters of the Communist Party of Canada
    (Who blanketed my college with flyers in the last election, thanks for the AMV idea!!)

    Won Novice at Northern Anime Festival (Everybody go to NAF!)

    UPDATE: New version is also on the Local download. (Shinier Than Ever Before!)


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