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  • Member: guy07
  • Title: Engel Des Toten (Angel of Death)
  • Premiered: 2006-03-25
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    • Rammstein Engel
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  • Comments: Behold! A dramatic marker in the sea of amvs! This is pretty much a storyboard amv of the X movie. I did some new stuff as always, like moving rotoscoping and my first bad attempt at a short masking clip. I focused on the kamui-fuma-kotori aspect of the movie. I could have put more action in it, but i didn't cuz i wanted it to be something different. The song is engel by Ramnstein (engel means angel! big shock!) which is where i got the name from, a friend of mind said "Engel Des Toten" is a rough german version of Angel of death. Its a wicked song and way under-used. The video pretty much kicks ass, i used a glow effect to make the picture a bit sharper ( alittle trick i learned) and to give it a big of a dream look to it. I can't really say i owe thanx to anybody on this video ...most people didn't really give much support :o. But i'm gona enter it in AN and see how i do. that's about it, enjoy and if u have a few minutes to spare leave a opinion. Enjoy the vid.

    Programs used: Vegas 6
    Corel Draw

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