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  • Members (10): Warheart, Flint the Dwarf, Hitori, SSJVegita0609, Stolen Soul, Symphax, Tormentor, Tseng808, Tsukin, rubyeye
  • Title: Demons Within
  • Premiered: 2006-03-28
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  • Songs:
    • Arch Enemy My Apocalypse
    • Dark Tranquillity Ex Nihilo
    • In Flames Man Made God
    • Nightrage Hero
    • Soilwork Centro de Predomino
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  • Comments: ... our little gift to the .org's metal-fanbase.

    A MEP dedicated to the great sound of Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal.

    Idea, Audiomix and Coordination
    By: Alexander Otto “Warheart”

    By: James Scharmack “Hitori”
    Music: Pain’s 12:42

    Segment: 00:15 - 01:15
    By: Anthony Askew “Tseng808”
    Anime: Chrono Crusade

    Personal Comments: Well it's finally over, after many hiccups in terms of video sources and interlacing problems and proberly some aspect ratio problems, after many cups of coffee and many minutes thinking and 10 times as many minutes actually editing it...and thats just my segment, But thats all aprt of the fun, i really enjoyed editing it as it was a pleasant change for me as i tend not to pick fact paced metal songs to often so i thought id give it a go, and after seeing all of the other members taking part how could i even refuse!
    Id like to thank everyone for taking part and helping this MEP finally get finished, but most of all id like to thank Warherat and Tormentor not only for the MEP itself but actually putting up with all the hiccups that went throughout creation, id also like to thank Warheart for helping my itnerlacing porblems, unfortunatley it couldnt be fixed in time for this project so my segment me look a little "Liney" but thanks to warheart my future projects should look really nice, so if theres a sequel to this project ill make sure to be on it so i can make up for the poor video quality of my segment for this project. I was really happy with my segment and i really enjooyed seeing other segments from the project, im sure the project will be a success, so now to the viewer "Enjoy it...or DIE!"

    Segment: 01:15 - 02:10
    By: Jeff Hudecek “SSJVegita0609”
    Anime: Streetfighter Alpha: Generations

    Personal Comments: I wanted to keep it oldschool with my segment, simple yet badass. Chosing the clips was a huge pain given that SFA: Generations is unfortunately short and suprisingly lacking in terms of fight scenes. I think I may have used every punch in the movie ;). Regardless, I'm quite happy with how it turned out and hope it will give people a nice break from the insanity of the rest of the project.

    Segment: 02:10 - 03:28
    By: Bernhard Langers “Tormentor”
    Anime: Wolf’s Rain

    Personal Comments: I really am confident with the outcome of this. It was a long procedure, but now finally when I look back, I enjoy every single minute of this project. It was nice to see how many skilled editors were interested in this project and what we could achieve. The project itself contains a lot of different editing-styles and understandings of good videos. This mixture makes it quite interesting. As for me, I gave my best to achieve a good sync and tried to follow my mini-concept. I tried to be the first to finish his part in order not to be a burden for the others. Well I achieved this aim, although I had to do some corrections on my part. Considering the fact that I am few experienced than a lot of editors taking part I would say I did a good job. Hopefully you like my part. I want to thank everybody supporting us, the ones who took part and dropped out and the ones delivering the final parts. My special thanks is dedicated to War for dragging me into this one ^^ the one or the other way. Have fun watching it everybody.
    Well I tried to create a mini-concept in order not to have to use that much random scenes. I imagined it like this. To the very beginning the characters are living in the city and suffering from it. Then as they leave the citie they are wandering around quite a bit, the end of the world comes and afterwards the beauty or the paradise. This resembles one aspect of the series, but I guess it was okay to build it this way. Usually I am not a fan of Wolf's Rain, but it delivered the amount of scenes I needed and this was a possibility to use it in a video. If one has these words in mind one ought to recognize that my part is more than just sync.

    Segment: 03:28 - 04:07
    By: C. J. Hayes “Flint the Dwarf”
    Anime: Saikano

    Personal Comments: "Well, I'm glad I got a part with lyrics. I'm not a very "shiny" editor, so I could focus on meaning rather than strictly flow and action. I also came in late, so I had less than two weeks to get everything prepared and edited. But Saikano fit very well with the 'demons-within' theme (especially societal), and has great potential for drama. I had to stretch myself a bit to squeeze in action, but I managed, and it doesn't look too bad."

    Segment: 04:07 - 05:04
    By: Michael Walter “Tsukin”
    Anime: X - 1999

    Personal Comments: This project was pretty fun to be a part of since I don't see a lot of metal mep's around, so this was a real treat. There really isn't much to my segment, mostly just a bunch of random scenes, but carefully picked, lol, I don't wanna sound lazy, even though I am >.>;;. I was looking for something I could use X with and this mep came up and one of the tracks seemed to fit so I went for it. I spent hours of work on the first day, then stopped for like a few months, and got back into it a little before the deadline to get it done, lol, and I think it turned out pretty well! =P. I probably should have gotten a look and some of the other editors segments first, mine seems a little out of place o.O, oh well. Anyways, this has got to be one of the coolest meps on the org, if not the coolest IMO, everyone did a kick ass job and the editing is just incredible,

    hmm, thats about it, nothing left to say, so um................ yeah...........hows the weather? `_`

    Segment: 05:04 - 05:54
    By: Danniel Cecava “Rubyeye”
    Anime: The Devil Lady

    Personal Comments: I had never done a Multi-Editor Project before, so this was a cool opportunity to get back into editing and try something different. As a "metal" fan, it's not surprising I would take part in something called Demons Within - Metal MEP. Even though it is a more extreme form of music than I am into, it was still interesting to hear each track and realize that my segment was perhaps the most complex.

    Since this was the second part of an instrumental piece, I looked at how Tsukin did the first half so I could keep it visually consistent. My choice for using 'The Devil Lady' was more a matter of convenience since clips from this series were already on my hard drive for another it reflects the title, Demons Within. Unfortunately, it is not an action oriented show, so using it for such a fast song required some creative editing.

    This is the first time I used After Effects extensively in actually editing clips as opposed to simply creating opening/ending credits. I mainly wanted to play with a technique I found at called Film Flash. I also used Camera Shake, which is an Animation Preset found at Adobe Studio Exchange. Along with some blur effects and fast cutting I tried to create something that, at least, flowed with the music. Given the "shred-fest" nature of the solo in this segment, I think it was the best option editing this way.

    In the end, I'm proud to have taken part in this kind of collaboration. I'm grateful to Warheart for giving me this experience. And in spite of all the delays, I think the final video is truly something unique among other Multi-Editor Projects.

    Segment: 05:54 - 06:53
    By: Justin Hunolt “Symphax”
    Anime: Gungrave

    Personal Comments: Alrighty, Hello people! I would like to do a number of things. First I would like to talk about Warheart and how I was able to be a part of this great project. Then I would like to talk about the project itself a little. First off, I met Warheart back some time ago and sent him one of my first videos (which I thought wasnt that good) and he seemed to love my editing. It was one of my first videos that I released on the Org because I have been practicing for many years and just in the last year saw my editing good enough. After all this I was invited to be a part of the Demons Within Project. At first I was totally psyched about the project, along with the fact that people in the AMV org community were beginning to get along well with me. I picked up editing right away. After several dry-runs and ideas I drafted out in my sketch book timelines using different anime caps for multiple ideas. After confirming with warheart, I chose my Gungrave idea. After I got about half way through, the family was having issues and I took a long editing break, and a few weeks later picked it back up to finish the project up. I sent my close-to-final to Warheart (after many many betas) and he was pleased. After a few minor adjustments, I had the segment completed. After that, I decided to take this project further and also personally thank Warheart and all his efforts, by putting together a project site on my server. (Sorry its a bit long of a name) is the project home on the web. I will try to keep it up just in case we decide to pick up the project in the future. Always willing here! This MEP OWNED! Great job guys!

    Segment: 06:53 - 08:17
    By: James Scharmack “Hitori”
    Anime: Elfen Lied

    Personal Comments: "This was my first major foray into After Effects for both the intro and my part of the project. I had a blast working on the project!"

    Segment: 08:17 - 09:08
    By: Karen Foller “Stolen Soul”
    Anime: Burst Angel

    Personal Comments: After many long and hard (hehehe...) hours of editing, and several changes in quality and footage (started with appleseed, swtiched to Rahxephon and then FINALLY to Burst Angel) I finished up my track. I had some troubles, because im not exactly an expert at editing, and guitar solos are pretty hard. I did my best, and Warheart finally saw it good enough. I had some troubles timing and getting everything all right, and i also had a major problem with interlacing. But all in all, I would say I did ok for my part, probably not the best, but I am not exactly the best editor around ^^ I hope you guys enjoy watching this as much as i enjoyed being a part of it.

    Segment: 09:08 - 10:13
    By: Alexander Otto “Warheart”
    Anime : Soultaker

    Personal Comments: Ok, I don't have much to say about my Segment. It's basically just a nice action part using my typical editing style so it's pretty much oversynced and packed with shiny thingys. I used most of the scenes I weren't abel to use in my former Soultaker video due ot the strict concept (like all the komugi scenes I used so Streicher won't yel at me again). Well that's it ...

    By : Alexander Otto “Warheart”
    Music: Insomnium’s Nocturne

    Former Participants (who had to drop for different reasons):

    Ingow, Niotex, Darius GQ, Shivan, Cerebral Assamite, and Flint ;).

    Special Thanks:

    SnhKnives (for inspiration), Bakadeshi (for guidelines with Ayumix), Niotex (for being who he is and betatesting), JCD & Zero1(for h264 codec help) and Symphax (for hosting it).


    I hope you enjoy our little gift :P

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