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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Yuzuyu - Because of them
  • Premiered: 2006-03-26
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  • Song:
    • Kelly Clarkson Because of You
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  • Comments: Aishiteru Ze Baby ...
    Not a recent serie ...
    I didn't (and wouldn't) think of an amv about it, until I re-watched it some days ago. Still, I couldn't figure any matching music ...
    Then, I heard "Because of you" on the radio, and the muses of amv stroke again ! ^^

    This amv is about Yuzuyu, and how people around have (will ?) influence her. My goal here is to express what Yuzuyu couldn't say by herself, for she's only 5 years old. It's a little exagerated, because Yuzuyu didn't hold such a grudge against her relatives, like the lyrics may suggest. Still, I don't think I missed an important part of the original story : a very young girl afraid of loneliness, which every decisions are influenced by this fear.

    "Because of you" is a interesting song, because, in French we have "tu" to speak to one person and "vous" to speak to a group of person, which are both translated in "you". So the refrain may indifferently speak about Kippei, Miyako or Kokoro ... or all the three together.
    Also, the last refrain is more a reproach than anything else, which brings Yuzuyu above the "ultra-cute-but-nothing-else" character, giving her a complexier psychology.

    There are some amvs already made about this serie, but still no official release, at least in my country, despite its age (2004). Are they scared of a "5yo+15yo" couple of heroes ?
    Anyway, for those who missed this cute, slow, bad animated, strange dubbed but definitely enjoying TV serie, there is a chance to make up for their lost time.

    Enjoy !

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