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  • Members: AnnaMayBelle, MaBelle
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  • Title: Almost Paradise
  • Premiered: 2005-09-25
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    • Loverboy Almost Paradise
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  • Comments: Anna May here... I know as a collaboration, both creators should give their comments, but writing comments seems to be the part of the process that Ma hates the most.

    About mid way through watching Wolf's Rain on Cartoon Network, the song "Almost Paradise" struck us both, and as the series progressed, it fit more and more. We became addicted to the series, and after it ended, we knew that we had to make the video. We wound up making it for the last year of AWA's Masters contest... And unfortunately, it didn't get played in the main showing on Saturday. Our video, from a technical standpoint, just didn't add up. We didn't even know how to make our footage progressive at the time! Also, when it played on Sunday, we realized the audio quality was terrible. But at VAT closing, we won a Guest Award from Mexican Junior, which really kept our spirits high.

    We decided to remaster the video for the 2006 con season. We were so picky about every single frame, we even went as far as to put the old video over the top of the new one in Premiere, and make it semitransparent, so we could make sure every frame lined up with the original! But in the end, we actually tweaked a scene or two.

    I should warn you though, the video has MAJOR spoilers, including the end of the series. Also, while we hope the video is enjoyable to everyone, it helps to have seen Wolf's Rain to fully understand how much the lyrics fit the show.

    - AWARDS WON -
    Mexican Junior's AWA Guest Award (Anime Weekend Atlanta 11)
    Best Drama (Anime Express IX)

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