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  • Member: Second Element
  • Studio: Second Element Video
  • Title: I Feel for You
  • Premiered: 2006-03-19
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    • Nightwish Feel for you
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  • Comments: ***You will need a proper XVID codec to view this AMV***

    I have always found episodes 150 and 151 to be the epitome of character definition. I have seen so many 'Kagome-haters' argue that Kagome is a selfish brat for wanting Kikyou out of the picture; dead and gone. No other episodes prove them wrong as strongly as these two. Kagome is given the private choice to save Kikyou's life, or let her soul and fragile body slip away for good. Kagome makes her decision, and revives Kikyou. Why would she do such a thing?

    In this video we hoped to showcase the feelings both Kagome and Kikyou had for Inu Yasha, and how the one thing they both had in common was that they loved him. The main verses of the song were split into two; one to let Kikyou have the voice to speak of her love, and the other for Kagome to do the same, all the while showing the similarities in the situations and circumstances.

    The other part of the video was Kagome on the brink of her decision, wondering herself why she would do what she was about to do. Was it because she was completely and utterly controlled by her love for Inu Yasha, as if she were his puppet, responding simply in the way he would want her to respond? Not necessarily. However, Kagome loves Inu Yasha so much, and feels his pain, and realizes that reviving Kikyou would be something she would only do for Inu Yasha, to ease his pain. She would rather see him happy again, than in misery, even if it means bringing back his first true love. But not only does Kagome feel for Inu Yasha, but for Kikyou as well, for as she touches Kikyou under the water, she is able to feel Kikyou's feelings, and experience the pain and anger that Kikyou harbored.

    Once again, I had to slightly edit the song to fit the video's needs. I lengthened the opening of the music track by repeating one particular piece of the music. Once again, it was because we had too much footage to show and couldn't squish it all in without extending the song just a little bit.

    Although the idea for this AMV had been there for a long time, we hadn't started physically putting it together until last October, around the time we were wrapping up "The Haunting" ( once again, those expensive Region 2 DVDs bought to make that particular video came in handy). We had originally planned to have the video out by the end of the year, but production on it slowed down quite a bit. Pretty soon, this AMV fell on the backburner. The beginning and ending of it was completely finished, but there was no middle ^_^x;

    This AMV was also a lessen in trial and error, and in compromise . There were a couple small things that we didn't all agree on, but eventually had to just say, "okay, fine." Really, it was a small matter of pacing in a few parts. But 2 of us thought the footage was important for the lyrics in that scene, and the other thought that footage should be different to pace better to the sound and beat of that scene. So we eventually had to "settle for a draw" ^_~x.

    In the end, we hope to have made both a unique and fitting tribute to Kagome's resolve.

    Additional Commentary and Musings:

    :59 - 1:03 Our first real dabble in matteing was this mirror scene. I'm still not even really sure which one of us came up with the idea for it, because I remember it mostly because it became a huge struggle to make it, and the mirror matte had to be re-done several times in Photoshop. Making a slightly-off circle shape to match the one as it appeared in the anime was a real chore. Try as I might, I just couldn't get the eliptical tool to do what I wanted it to. So the circle had to be drawn and refined by hand with the pencil, brush, and eraser tools.

    1:32-1:41 As credited in the video's end credits, those lines are actually lyrics to another of Nightwish's songs that we intended to use for an "Inu Yasha" AMV. For several reasons though, we just couldn't get that AMV complete, and it will probably never see the light of day, now. In this way we kind of give a little tribute to it ^_~x. Otherwise, it's simply going to sit in it's production folder, unfinished and forgotten.

    1:44-1:47 The second of the "mirror" scene motifs. You would think that for a second round, it would be easier this time, but it was a lot worse. Unfortunately, Kagome's elbow and hairbrush pass in front of the mirror's glass several times, so we had to make 8 different mirror mattes for each position of Kagome's arm and hair brush. Plus, we had to make a duplicate reflective strip of light for the mirror glass. The lip-synced scene of Kagome and Inu Yasha in the mirror wouldn't shrink down right to show them both at the same time in it, because the mirror was simply too tall to shrink the footage down to the right aspect ratio. So our remedy was to simply pan and scan the footage back and forth.

    1:52 Inu Yasha doesn't stop talking in this scene, which was really distracting during test runs. So I made a "shuttup" layer, which was basically a layer of Inu Yasha's mouth closed that I made in Photoshop, and then layered over the footage so that you can't see his original mouth flapping.

    1:57-2:03 One of the most subliminal lyric scenes in the entire AMV. "Some day, I'll feed a snake- drink her venom and stay awake". One of the first ideas we had was a literal visual translation of those lyrics: sure, there was Tsubaki's snake that bit Kagome, took her blood, and used it to pollute/poison the Shikon no Tama half-piece. However, we felt putting in a scene like that would through off the entire video from it's track. So after more thinking, we came up with this. Kagome's soul re-enters Kikyou's resurrected body. Unfortunately, all that is left of Kikyou in Kagome's soul is her strong hate and anger over "the betrayal". Kagome is able to reclaim her own soul, but she is able to both feel and understand Kikyou's own personal "venom" later on, esepcially in these episodes where she is able to experience "the betrayal" through Kikyou's burdened memories, which also helps kick off the following lyric: "through your memory I will wade". ( And no, Kikyou fans, we don't intentionally mean to call her a snake ^_~x )

    2:11-2:35 I think these verses are one of my favorite visually translated parts of the entire AMV. The line "settling for a draw tonight" just is so true of Inu Yasha and his dealings with both these women in his life. He's at a very uneasy standstill in his love for both of them: he never really resolves anything or comes out with his true feelings for either of them, and constantly leaves it at a draw, and then continues on the next day as if nothing ever happened. Not only that, but piecing together this scene kind of subconsciously was revisiting our AMV "Rose in the Wind", as some of the scenes are familiar, and definitely, the frustrations and emotions of the characters are familiar.

    "You were my first love
    The earth moving under me
    Bedroom scent, beauty ardent
    Distant shiver, heaven sent

    I'm the snow on your lips
    The freezing taste, the silvery sip
    I'm the breath on your hair
    The endless nightmare, devil's lair

    Only so many times
    I can say I long for you
    The lily among the thorns
    The prey among the wolves

    Someday, I will feed a snake
    Drink her venom, stay awake
    With time all pain will fade
    Through your memory I will wade

    Barely cold in her grave
    Barely warm in my bed
    Settling for a draw tonight
    Puppet girl, your strings are mine

    This one is for you for you
    Only for you
    Just give in to it never think again
    I feel for you"

    Many thanks to Fanty for her inspiring email that kind of kicked our butts into gear on getting this video finished and distributed.

    This video is dedicated ( as seen in the opening ) to a very good friend of ours, who has been in a hell of a lot of emotional pain for a long time now.

    The end credits image we found among our many disks of Inu Yasha images. Unfortunately, we have been unable to trace it back to it's original source. If anyone knows who the artist is, we would love to credit them here.

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