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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: Waking up, Minamoto Kouji
  • Premiered: 2006-02-15
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  • Song:
    • Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends
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  • Comments: Making Kouji's AMV2 Diary... updated every day I work on it.

    Day One

    Started on a New Fresh AMV... would have been Junpei's, but the song felt like Kouji, so it became Kouji...

    Also, first day of problems. Everything seemed to go so smooth and I was so happy at first. Until I downloaded the things tht had been done and noticed that the clips were far longer then the song... now i have a real cutting work to do, this looks horrid!!! Everything is thrown around, oh I hate when this happens!

    Day Two

    I have really noticed, this will take a long time to finish. Now at least most of the time is set, not that many clips added because I need to sort this out. Too bad I have to start over the whole thing once I want to add one more clip, there are so many special effects it slows the thing down, yet if I just restart from somewhere in the who thing, it ends up in a completely different place in the procedure.

    But most of the clips-mistakes are done, it still needs more cutting though. But the results are better then ever, so far, and even though I am not that good with the cool stuff, I still like it.

    Day Three... The Disaster

    Yeap, I just noticed why my video made such an time disaster I couldn't work on it without getting frantic. When I moved the sound clip, it shortened or something, switching time wether I choose to play it from the beginning, or in the middle. Now, I will probably have to remake big parts of it.


    Should have know this would happen...

    Day Four- Back from a long vacation

    Hi again, started to work again, with a new plan which will make the video a little worse in cuality but finished one day. I am probably 1 minute from the end, and how did I manage to keep my tolerance up?

    I am working on two parts, half the video is already saved, the other half inprogress. I figured out I could split the two parts, so i don't have to listen to one whole song 6 million times to make a change, while I match it with the music. Even if I know I am crap mixing music and clips, but oh well, you cannot get all.

    Knwoing my usual standards, this is not the best, but good enough thinking how much i had to work on this!!!

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