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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: Party Power, Orimoto Izumi
  • Premiered: 2006-02-13
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  • Song:
    • Pink Get This Party Started
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  • Comments: Hiyah... news here I am making one diary for the days working. I know my videos aren't the best found here, and normily they take around three days to make. I am probably a little to impulsive and ignores to think twice mostly. I have an idea, and snap, it goes.

    Izumi or Izz as I shortened it to save time writing down this, was supposed to be made from the song Wannabe of Spicegirls, unfortunately the version I have to the song doesn't seem to work. Plans changed and while I was browsing around music I came accross an old song (or for me it feels as old), Get the Party Started by Pink... I took it since it symbols her strength and female self. Even though Wannabe would have been more funny to make, as it is a story about Izumi's love relationship with 4guys... (all humour), but this worked as well.

    Diary of Making

    Day one

    Wannabe didn't work, seems like plans have to change. Oh well, at least I still have lots of nostalgic music in store (Uhm, name of the map), no worries here, right? So far, all well. Some hot shots of Izz, yet one single irritating bug to be finished. Hopefully it will not disturb the rest of the clips, hopefully. Well just have to see tomorrow, right? Anyway, got plans for this one... Izz rules with great clips and pictures... go Izz...

    Day Two...

    Also became finishing day. But so what, the snow has stayed all the way to Mars, and I have no plans upon going out today. The AMV finished around 9pm, started sometime around 2pm. I didn't count, really. I am pretty happy with this one, not much speciality and not much extra, but it still floats on pretty well. Used some new ideas, got loads of inspiration from her character and it bases upon her strong personality. No problems, for once, and the song wasn't too long either. Now... I am happy. One or two clips that turned out, with one of those things. I would change it, but I am afrid my computer will protest rather evily if I do. Oh well... a great song, a great character, what can you more hope for?

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