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  • Member: Jessica Honey
  • Title: Inuyahsha-Walk Through The Fire
  • Premiered: 2006-03-13
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    • Buffy the ampire slayer walk through the fire
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  • Comments: really wanted to make a more serious amv with an actual point and then I noticed how Kikyou's story of being dead and then brought to life again and again and again, reminds me of Buffy the vampire slayer.
    So even though Kikyou is not my favorite character, I like her.

    Just to make things easier:
    Buffy- Kikyou
    Spike- Inuyasha
    Sweet- Naraku
    Dawn\ Tara- Kagome
    Giles- Kaede\ Miroku
    Xander- Miroku
    Anya- Sango
    Willow- Shippou

    They really have too much fire in that show 

    So have fun and leave a review so I'll have something to read between tests, I hate math...

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