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  • Member: jubjub2
  • Studio: JubJub2
  • Title: Sailor Moon Meets Blue's Clues
  • Premiered: 2006-03-11
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  • Song:
    • Blues Clues The Planet Song
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  • Comments: Um... What to say about this...

    I actually got the idea while in #AMV lurking, and an MEP was being discussed. This is (kinda) the clip I thought about doing. Since the MEP never got organized, I discarded the idea and went on with life.

    But FATE had other plans.

    Yes... Fate.

    I have been egged on to put something together for the Whiskey Tentacle Foxtrot (you figure out the acronym) contest at Anime Detour, so I pulled this out of the recesses of my twisted mind, and now it's cataloged.

    I apologize.

    But my kids like it. I had the DVDs, so something needed to be done with them... And I got a cheap laugh out of it. So that's all that matters... Right?

    And the music is bad quality. I know. It adds to that WTF experience, though. :)

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