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  • Member: Moonlessnight
  • Studio: RW Productions
  • Title: Lion Angel
  • Premiered: 2006-03-08
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    • Rebecca St. James Lion
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  • Comments: Going for something totally new on this one: a storyline. Going back over all my videos recently, I realized that for all the flash and flare, they don't really move me (or likely anyone else). So, I set out to make a video that not only looks good, but tells a story as well.

    "Nothing Ever Known" was my first attempt at this story-teller style, "Burried in Snow" came next. Both failed miserably...or at least I think they did. I threw way too many effects into them and drowned out the message I was trying to get across, but this time I have tried to avoid that. "Lion Angel" uses as few effects as possible in an attempt to concentrates wholey upon the story. That said, I should probably explain a little of what that story is....

    FMA is not usually a very...for lack of a better word...romantic anime, but with a little digital magic and a lot of perseverance, one can make it appear that it is. Using clips from the FMA Movie, I have created a romance that never was by pairing Ed with the gypsy girl, Noah. They were never really 'together' in the movie, but who really cares if you can make it look that way, ne?

    I chose the song, "Lion" because it seemed to fit what emotions might exist IF a relationship between Ed and Noah ever did happen. Feeling the resonance of a dangerous 'magic' in Ed's presence, knowing deep down that he is not of this world... A sleeping lion.... A fallen angel. Hard for poor Noah to swallow. Being a pshychic can't help matters much for Noah either, always glimpsing those fragmented memories of Ed's past.

    Love, longing, hope, and eventual dispair.... This is all what I have tried to incorporate into this video. It took some tinkering and a lot of work to pull off what I do have (which is still far from perfect in my opinion) but I have finally deemed it worthy of a debut here on AMV.

    PLEASE, for the love of all things good, REVIEW this video! I have never...I repeat never...put this much thought and time into an AMV before. Please let me know if I finally got the concept of making these videos right with this one. Please!

    Have any comments: tell me by review after watching the vid. Good, bad, or indifferent all comments are accepted and strongly encouraged. Thanks and enoy!

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