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  • Member: Murf
  • Studio: Nocturnal Studios
  • Title: Those Who Fight For Gaia
  • Premiered: 2002-10-12
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Nobuo Uematsu Liberi Fatali
  • Anime:
  • Comments: THE BEGINNING:
    After finishing a slew of comedy videos, I figured it was time to try making a serious video. My initial thought was to head back towards one of my failed attempts, which was to make a Shinji profile. But that thought was quickly dismissed, and my thoughts turned towards the Escaflowne movie. The first idea to try was a Van profile... but it quickly fell flat. Annoyed with my feeble trials to make a video, I went looking through my videos to try and find some inspiration. While going through my CDs. I found a CD which amazingly had one of my "lost" DBZ videos. [I made a LOT of crappy DBZ vids, lost to the stream of time.] But this video intrigued me. It was what I considered my best... it was also the last. And looking at it after completing many newer videos and having greatly increased my skills and technical capabilites, I looked at it in shock as how I could consider it good. But the song [Liberi Fatali (FF8)] is what hit me. I wanted to go back... and try it again.

    Searching my Mp3 collection, and locating the errant song and inserting into the audio track began this video. I began to fiddle around... and in about an hour... it was clear that this was going to be my next video.

    No story to tell here. It was started in order to fill a void of time, and experiment with some new effects in Premeire that I've only barely dabbled in before. But I had started a nice opening, and I decided against my original plan to make a profile. It was time to get back basics. This is a simple action video friends. Don't expect to see some whismical story fold out from it all... its just meant to be a shiny video.

    Starting with the scenes I had already captured for the profile attempt, I took some scenic shots of Gaia and put them in the beginning of the song. Taking cues from my old DBZ video [which was titled "Saiya-jin Pride"] the image fades in from black and back out on each choir bit before the full music starts up. After a while, I figured I'd change it around a bit. And the three shots progress time from dusk, to the sunsetting, to night, which sets up the dark tone of the video. I also experimented with some transparencies here, but none worked, so I kept it the same.

    The second part which repeats the first three choirs real fast, have the heros and villians overlapping with each other. Hitomi over Jajuka, Allen over Dilandau, and of course Van over Folken.

    From here the music kicks in, and I had multiple self debates over how to work the video. It originally started out with Van blowing up Dilandau's horse. It worked fine with the music, but something seemed seriously amiss, so that was scrapped. I started laying down some clips later in the video to get an idea of how to work it.

    At this point it was finally time to capture more clips because I realized this video was going to be more than just Van. So I captured in more action sequences, and other assorted shots I thought I would need. And from here is where the video truly began. I tampered with the scene of Hitomi in the stadium going to Gaia, and I got some great shots out of it. When the chanting starts again, we see the sky opening up, and on each chant, a character fades in, then back out. As if Hitomi sees what is coming (she did have fortune telling in the series). When the music picks up speed, we are taken into the opening sequence with Van falling from the sky onto the airship. We get some nice sync up here, and when the music picks up AGIAN, the action transfers out of these "quick scenes" into the video displaying the more actiony scenes of the movie. Beginning with Van fighting Dilandau.

    The video then progresses through various action sequences. There was no real planning here, but I worked seriously hard through these sequences as to not make the video drag. Each scene had to fit it's music, and believe there is some great sync-ups in this video.

    The ending is currently my crowning glory of action videos. (I consider my best editing job the lip-sync in Inside Dungeons & Dragons) When the final chanting of "Fithos Vinosec" going on for a while, the clip switches on each word, but not just any clips work. This segment underwent about 10 overhauls to make ABSOLUTELY sure that it looked right. The video then finishes with the end scene with Hitomi going home, and then fading out over the Escaflowne title.

    End video.

    Easily the best action video I've produced thus far... which is good because the Two Towers Trailer is very action oriented, and this gave me some good practice. Overall... I'm very pleased with this video.


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