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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: Not Running on Ice, Himi Tomoki
  • Premiered: 2006-02-11
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Forgotten
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  • Comments: Here we go again... the second premier. Hope you guys brought some quick cola or something, this is speed.

    Yes, for once a garantee of speed and yet I think I over did a lot in this one. Almost every clip comes with a flash, so if the ratings goes down, I think I know why.

    The song I choose was Forgotten by Linkin Park. Originally I thought about doing Kouichi's AMV from this, but it turned out quite good with Tomoki as well. All though it doesn't have much background, excepr for to show this little brave warriors wonderful and cute sides.

    I think you will notice with this AMV, half of the clips comes from one long, with cut flashes betwen. Well, as I've been working on this for some days, it turned out so. It changes and follow the lyrics, but that was afterwards I decided to do so.

    One evil not-supposed-to-be-there clip appeared, and I promise you I didn't see that one when I made this. It came as a nasty annoyance, if you want to know. This was not meant to be Kouji and Takuya's fic, the two of them will have to wait for their turn!

    Following, there was some mistake made, I don't know what happened but the clips changed place. About four clips switched place, and once they did follow the lyrics, and the rythm, but not anymore. @_@

    Further into the song, I tried making flashes with the beat, obviously there are many flaws in my attempt. My moviemaker program is evil since it decides to shut down in the middle of everything, has happene around ten times during this. GRRR... and every time I have to restart my computer to get everything to work once more.

    But even so, it was fun to make it. Now all I have to do is to hope that with the next one, the moviemaking program will behave. Next AMV goes to Izumi. Now, Do You Wannabe Izumi?

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