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  • Member: MCHeadcase
  • Title: The Dark Side of the Moon
  • Premiered: 2006-05-03
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    • Pink Floyd Brain Damage
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  • Comments: Even though it is the second one I had ever created, this is my first solo AMV (my first AMV was a small clip for an Evangelion multi-editor project, which has since been cancelled).

    When I first saw "Perfect Blue" in March of 2004, I was blown away. It is without a doubt my favorite anime film. Now a few months ago, me and my brother Charlie were coming up with some AMV ideas just for fun (we didn't have the equipment so we couldn't make em). When I thought of a Perfect Blue AMV, the thing that popped into my head was the song "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd, particularly the lyric "And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes" because I automatically thought of Mima and how the other two members of CHAM moved on without her. From then on I kept thinking of scenes to match up with the song and low and behold, I have an AMV mapped out. Unfortunately, I didn't own the equipment to make an AMV so I was out of luck. Thankfully, I had a class at my community college where I DID have access to the equipment. In January of 2006, I asked my RTV (Radio/TV) teacher if I could stay after class sometime and use the computers for my own personal video project and she agreed. So the first video I started on was the clip for the Eva MEP I mentioned earlier and after I completed that, I began working on this vid. Using my three hour breaks of no classes on tuesdays and thursdays, it took about a month to complete.

    When I showed it to my brother, his reaction was "It was great ... but could ya BE anymore literal?!" so that's something for you guys to take into consideration. I know the concept of a song about lunacy with an anime about a girl who thinks she's going crazy might be unoriginal, but that wasn't my particular focus for this video. I matched up each scene with each lyric the best I could. There are some that are obviously done (such as the previously mentioned "different tunes" lyric with the scene of CHAM performing without Mima) but there are some that make sense but ya have to think about 'em (the line "And if the dam breaks open many years too soon" with a scene I won't spoil). The one lyric that doesn't make sense with it's scene is the first one, "The lunatic is on the grass." This video was entered into the Animazement 2006 AMV contest, which takes place on May 26th.

    [5/28/06 NOTE: I was informed a few days before Animazement that my video wouldnt be shown because they had recieved too many, but it did get shown in the third re-screening, with the winners of the contest and the other videos who didn't make it]

    Being that this is my first vid, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave an comment and tell me what was good and what I need to work on.

    I hope you all enjoy it!

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