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  • Member: NicholasDWolfwood
  • Studio: Mystical Kamikaze
  • Title: Deluxe Bebop
  • Premiered: 2002-09-11
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  • Song:
    • Burning Airlines The Deluxe War Baby
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video was a toughie to make. It took me about 82 hours to make this video. I had to rip my Cowboy Bebop DVDs 2 times to make this video. I had first made MPEG copies of the source footage, and that's what you see in the video now. MPEG DVD rip source footage. But wait. People on the forum told me I didn't have the best quality source footage. So I went, and followed ErMaC's Guide to All Things Video, and I reripped my source footage using his method and Kusoyaro's method (Which is essentially the same as ErMac's way, but one or two extra steps) and I got crystal clear quality using Avisynth. But wait. I went into VirtualDub, and encoded the Avisynth files into PicVideo's MJPEG codec so I could edit in Premiere with them, or else it would have taken me 150-200 hours or more to make this video. I edited in Premiere with the MJPEG files, and when I was done, I burned them to CD and I switched the files in Premiere over to the Avisynth files like Kusoyaro said to do. Well, it turns out my PC is crap (Which I already knew), and it could not handle rendering the video into HuffYUV from the Avisynth files. I had to then go back and switch to the MPEG files I was orignally going to use and that's what you see in the video now. I may go back and re-do this video with better footage and audio quality. In closing, I'd like to say this video was a pain to make, and I will go through the pain again if I have to.

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