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  • Member: RamonesFan2020204
  • Title: Who do ya trust?
  • Premiered: 2006-03-03
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    • Prince Trust
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  • Comments: Niotex taught me XviD today, so I decided to make a video to try it out and see how it looks. He never told me it would reduce the resolution and increase the file size! Damn you, Nio! j/k, you know I love ya, man. Anyway, this is yet another Steam Detectives video with a song from the first Batman film (the 1989 one, I can't help it, alot of the music from this movie fits Steam Detectives like a glove). This video is about Dr. Guilty, and it DOES have spoilers, so if you haven't seen Episode 20 yet, I recommend you DON'T watch this video until you do. Also, there's some lip syncing from Dr. Guilty, Detective Onigawara, and Dr. Meynard in some scenes. You should be able to know where the lip syncing is. NOTE:Just because there's a scene with lip movement doesn't mean it's a lip sync, so pay attention!

    Niotex said I did nothing wrong, and that it really was supposed to come out like that, so I uploaded the WMV version, because it's at a wider resolution.

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