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  • Studio: Aimaime creations
  • Title: FFV (Feminine Fanboy Video)
  • Premiered: 2006-03-03
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    • Trust Company Deeper into you
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  • Comments: Come one, come all! It's got a little bit of everything... and gauranteed to confuse (It WAS made for a WTF contest after all).

    Much appreciation goes to my Beta testers. You know who you are (cuz I don't ;p) without you this video would not have been possible. basically I JUST wanted an actioney Shoujo so I hope this VIDEO (the video itself... the intro is only there to flesh it out) gives you that excited feeling it gives me.

    WARNING: The audio codec used is possibly non-standard in Linux/ Unix based machines and conflicts in Apple Macintosh' so please be aware. VLC Player has been noted for flawless play in all 3 platforms. There are a few scenes of 'non-sexual' nudity as well. Finally an introless version is available upon request, pm knowname if you are interested and I will get back to you (via pm so don't be a stranger to the forums!!) as soon as possible with a link.

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