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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: Frozen into Darkness, Kimura Kouichi
  • Premiered: 2006-02-10
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  • Song:
    • Madonna Frozen
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  • Comments: Wohoo... here we go again. I am remaking, or remodeling the character AMVs, this time with some little more well known songs. It was fun to make the first versions, bu oh well. The show must go on... and as for this AMV, the song became... Frozen made by Madonna.

    Like always I have my reasons for picking a song. This time other AMVs have affected me, yet both of them were made for Kouji and Kouichi. Still, I though the song matched Kouichi quite well. This AMV, apart from the last version, aren't made after any time line, more like matched to the song and to the lyrics. Also, it has a lot more clips, a lot more work behind and a brand new style. (I am learning more functions, see)

    As well a lot is tested into this, for being this song I think I speeded up loads of clips, and made them, quite short. It starts slowly, with the team finding Kouichi at the hospital. Well, his body has been in the Human world all the time, after all.

    Three things can be said about Kouichim on the following things. Darkness, bewilderment and strength. I think it can symbol him quite well in the first time when he appeared as Duskmon... Yet if you want to decode this AMV, don't ask me about it really... since it has many ways to be understood. Like most of my stuff (well, since I am writing a lot more then making AMV), it may not be the best you have ever seen... but this is merely made for fun... and so far some actually have seemed to like them.

    Well, I cannot say it has a rapid beat, more like a steady flow. Don't give me a hard time on this, as well as I like rock I like other music, and I simply am stuck on music made by e.g Enya.

    Few AMVs, I even wonder if any downloadable AMV at all has thought about using the clips of him and his mother, from epi 33? But when I watched it, you can probably guess which my fav episode is by now, I got pretty stuck on this as it showed a lot about his mothers care. It was really cute.

    I also tried to make some really quick flashes, even though they don't cling together that much with the beat, they were really hard to make. Once you've watched you will understand what I mean... tatatatataa...

    I haven't used that many extra flashy video effects... the real useful I found was up by the menu bar which for once made me stop cutting the clips into tinier clips then necessary. Uhm, more about this later.

    Some clips are as I call them, essential when I make this AMV, sorry they will haunt you. For example, take the shot from episode 41, when Kouji saves Kouichi from Crusadermon, or the fight between the twins as Duskmon and Beowulfmon. New is that I managed to sneak in some clips from episode 34. I am not that attached to that specific episode (somehow I simply can't stand what Ophanimon and Seraphimon did to lonesome Cherubimon while he was still nice, two against one is quite unfair). But I sure loved to see Kouichi's battle at the gate. GO KOUICHI!!!

    The continuation of the music was simply just music, but to not make it boring a lot was made to those clips, and my computer has protested a lot. Anyway, I hope they went all right, I did a lot of work on those lashes, even if they seem quite easy. But a lot of clicking, and clicking and even more clicking. Deleting bad cips, finding new clips, finding suitable clips... sigh...

    I've done my best not to make clips go slower then normal speed, with a very few exceptions. I just found that extra slow clips makes the speed go bad and they go boring. I've tried to teach myself to keep the rythm by quickening clips. In some cases, it works.

    And no, no more annoying extra music for the end notes. There aren't many endnotes this time, however if you reconsider downloading this, it is about the same like always.

    Clips from Digimon Frontier
    Music of Madonna
    Song: Frozen
    Creater Shitza
    Ignis Productions


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