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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: The Warriors
  • Premiered: 2006-03-03
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    • Barry De Vorzon Baseball Furies Chase
    • Barry De Vorzon The Fight
    • Barry De Vorzon Theme from The Warriors
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    A trailer parody of the 1979 cult classic movie - The Warriors

    Call me a late bloomer, but I didn't know anything about The Warriors until 2005. We were at Machine's apartment at Ushicon 2005 and we were all deciding on a movie to watch. mexicanjunior suggested that we all watch The Warriors so we all agreed on that. All I really remember from watching it at Ushicon 2005 was mexicanjunior and dwchang imitating most of lines from the movie in a comical fashion along with alot of heckling from HypeO and the BCP. After the movie was over, I wasn't really sure what to think of it and decided it was "meh". So I just forgot about it over time.

    Later that year, Rockstar Games (of GTA fame) released The Warriors game for the PS2 and Xbox. I decided to give it a rental and enjoyed it immensely, finishing the game within 3 days of renting it. I enjoyed the game so much that I desperately wanted to see the movie again so I ordered the Ultimate Director's Cut of the movie and the soundtrack since I was inspired by the game to finally attempt a trailer.

    This is not a parody of the original trailer, this is a custom made trailer with parts of the soundtrack and sound clips of the movie. I wanted to make a more modern type trailer as opposed to the old campy one (which I would probably have a tougher time finding footage for). My trailer tries to tell the basic story of the movie. I decided on Akira for the biker gangs and it's gritty post-future setting which was kind of similar to the late 70's look of The Warriors. Most of all because I thought the prophet dude from Akira would make a great Cyrus :P


    Prophet Dude - Cyrus
    Kaneda - Swan
    The General Guy - Masai (2nd in command of the Riffs)
    Guy with bomb - Orphans Leader
    Gang member with tie - Rembrant
    Tetsuo - Luther


    - My first attempt at a trailer parody, I hope it didn't turn out too bad...

    - Anyone who's worked with Akira with a similar concept should know this: Akira is a BITCH to lipsync.

    - I know The Warriors doesn't have motorcycles but since I was using Akira, I had to compromise.

    - I was gonna have Yamagata as Ajax and Kei as Mercy but there wasn't enough room in the video. I could have made room but their lines would have ruined the flow a bit, at least in my opinion.

    - You would have to be a fan of the movie to understand most of the in-jokes.

    Big thanks to Mindwarp Entertainment, HypeO, BCP, dwchang and especially mexicanjunior for introducing me to this movie.

    Can you dig it?

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