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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Studio: Hagane Studios
  • Title: Move It!!!!!!
  • Premiered: 2006-03-03
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  • Songs:
    • Madagascar i like to move it
    • Reel 2 real I like to move it
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  • Comments: I dunno what's wrong with me XD This was very fun to make, and i think it came out great. I dunno why I chose to put AzuDai together with FMA AND Sonic, but......well, whatever! It worked!

    Sorry for the little glitvhes in this video- I could not get the scene with the cat out (just before Ed starts running) without killing the rest of the vid, there is a split-second scene with Yukari that appeared and I totally missed, and the computer refused to fade-Out Chiyo-chan shaking. That's all I noticed, really, let me know if there is anything else.

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