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  • Member: Essence Knight
  • Studio: Legendary Shrine Productions
  • Title: Syaoran's Confession
  • Premiered: 2002-09-10
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    • Richard Marx My Confession
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  • Comments: ** Updated September 25th, 2002 **

    This is my most recent and perhaps final take on this video. I decided to do it sooner rather then later because my trial license was going to run out soon and I am not sure when I'll be able to pick up Premiere again. About the only thing I'd do from here is use DVD source in the future, unless further feedback inspires even more change.

    "My Confession" is composed and sang by Richard Marx.

    AMV Explanation-
    This video goes through the many confessions, both silent and aloud that Syaoran attempts to make clear his feelings for Sakura, then Sakura's shock at finally realizing his true feelings and what hers are. I only employ crossfades because of the nature of the song and the overall mood didn't seem to fit to anything more advanced. Further information is in my journal on what has changed as to not completely give away my video here. =^^=

    Video Specifics-
    Done using Adobe Premiere 6.0, Virtualdub 1.4.10 and Paint Shop Pro 7.0 on a Athlon TB 1.1Ghz machine with 768 MB of Physical Memory.

    Encoded to DivX using Virtualdub and Divx Pro 5.0.2 Codec.
    -->(Also used TMPGEnc 2.5 Inverse Telecining via VFAPIConv)
    Encoded to Mpeg using TMPGEnc 2.5.
    Encoded to WVA using Windows Media Encoder 7.1
    -->(Also used TMPGEnc 2.5 Inverse Telecining via VFAPIConv)
    Audio Ripped in Exact Audio Copy from Source CD then Encoded into VBR MP3 in Lame 3.92

    Sound Formats Per File -
    AVI --> 44.1 kHz 192.0bps stereo
    WMV --> 44.1 kHz 16.0bps stereo
    MPEG --> 44.1 kHz 192.0bps stereo

    **Please do not STREAM from the links!**

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