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  • Member: Nani Lupin III
  • Studio: Unexpected Productions
  • Title: Saito the Knife
  • Premiered: 2006-02-28
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  • Song:
    • Bobby Darin Mack the Knife
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  • Comments: This is not a comedy video, though I do find it funny, but it's just a quirky idea I came up with.

    So, to start:
    I like Rurouni Kenshin, and in particular I like the character of Saitou. He starts out as a really tough bad guy, and never really changes. While he does team up with Kenshin and gang, Saitou always has this aura of "This is only a temporary truce" about him.
    He's always ready to fight any of them, and perfectly willing to kill anyone as well.

    So, maybe it's this cross of coldness and ruthlessness that made me think of making a video to this particular song.

    The song, "Mack the Knife", is very well sung by the late Bobby Darin. If you don't listen to the words, it actually sounds very happy. It's a fairly bouncy song, but the actual lyrics is what makes it somewhat morbidly funny.

    "Did you hear about Louie Miller?/
    He disapeared, babe, after drawing out/
    All his hard earned cash/
    And now Macheath spends just like a sailor/
    Could it be a boy's done something rash?"

    So, it ends up being this very happy-sounding song about some guy killing people. Which, I think can describe Saitou to a 'T'.

    Like I said, it's a morbidly funny song.
    Therefore, this is a morbidly funny AMV.

    If it looks like I try to kill Sanosuke off in this video on purpose, I'm really not. Sano just gets beat up alot. By everyone. ^^

    (I don't mind killing him in the video, though. ^_~)

    *Note to Opinion givers*
    I only did lipsynch at the end of the vid, so don't hold it against me the rest of the time. ^^;;

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