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  • Member: kikyomaniac
  • Title: "Ice and Snow" The Legend of Elliot and Freedert
  • Premiered: 2006-01-01
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    • Tangerine Dream Loved by the Sun
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  • Comments: Ok! Third video and I think the footage is great. The clips seem to be really clear and that is exciting! This video is dedicated to my little sister. She loves this song. The song is from the movie "Legend". It's an old eighties movie with Tom Cruise in it. It is the best!!! I love the movie and I love the music...

    Anyway, this is a D.N. Angel amv. I love this anime because it short, sweet, and to the point! I especially love the "legend" of Elliot and Freedert in this. If you haven't seen the anime you might not understand this amv, but I tried to keep things in sequence so as to tell a story.

    So... if you haven't watched the show and you don't know the legend; I am going to give you the short version of the story...

    Freedert had two childhood friends, Elliot and Kyle. Elliot and Freedert fell in love and Kyle (who was also in love with Freedert) became very angry. Soon there was a war and Elliot left to serve in the army, but before he left Freedert gave him a sword to protect himself. Kyle went and prayed to the second hand of time, he wanted Elliot's time to be taken away so that Elliot could not come home to his true love Freedert. Elliot was struck down with an arrow in battle. When Freedert heard the news she also prayed to the second hand of time; she wanted the remainder of her time to be given to Elliot. Kyle never believed his selfish wish would take his Freedert from him. When Elliot awoke he found himself laying in the red roses the Freedert loved instead of his own blood. Elliot returned to the village and found a tombstone with Freedert's name on it. Because of his strong love for Freedert, Elliot stabbed himself with the sword Freedert had given him. So he fell to his death in front of the second hand of time and Freedert's gift was shining with a bizarre light....

    Ok so now you know the the story and I hope you enjoy the amv...

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