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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: Warrior of Fire, Takuya
  • Premiered: 2006-02-10
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    • Takeuchi Junko Salamander
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  • Comments: Wohoo... finally we have reached our destination. Takuya's AMV is the last of the series, and was really easy to make. I don't know how many clips there are with our hero, but there are many!

    The AMV follows the Frontier timeline, from the start till the end. With hardly any exceptions. (On a few places I put one clip before another, breaking the timeline, but those are from the same episode.)

    The AMV also has another rythm, like the son has a beat this AMV does its best to follow. Most clips are short, but not too short.

    Like Frontier the story starts with him running down the street, following the message on the cell. Do keep in mind there are many jumps in time, I did not pic everything or this AMV would almost be as long as the series itself.

    It has funny parts in it, or I call them funny. Takuya isn't always the most bright person, yet he has a thick skull. His meeting with Kouji in the beginning are all, interesting. So, as I say it... funny.

    Like i said, some clips are quite rapid, and fast. I hope you are not half asleep watching it, you need to keep up. There isn't any back story this time, like I did for both Kouji and Kouichi, yet more of showing his bravery, annoyance, sometimes stupidity and also kindness. For we should keep in mind no matter what, he is always kind to evereyone.

    Except of coure, for the Evil guys.

    One thing I love making AMVs is to make clips come together, without anyone noticing. The train journey home are one of those. Hard to see any difference between them. I also think, of all the episodes, 22, was very interesting. When the song comes to a fast beat, there are flashes I did that were meant to go in the same flash-rythm as the song. Obviously I didn't manage it, but it didn't do that bad, did it?

    Takuya got to learn a lot from the Digital world it is a pity we don't know what happened afterwards. He also grew more powerful, and I used many evolution sequences and pre-evolution clips.

    The AMV itself ends with the evolution clip of Susanoomon. End clips were taken straight from episode 40 of Frontier, and yes, I found the Kids singing verson of With the Will they play on the Japanese Frontier Episode 39.

    Sayonara from the character AMVs. All though, I'll be back shortly with new ideas. And new more... ehm... modern songs.

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