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  • Member: Ashyukun
  • Studio: No-Brand Videos
  • Title: Christmas Eve: Eden 12/24
  • Premiered: 1996-08-01
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  • Song:
    • Savatage Sarajevo 12/24
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  • Comments: The last video done by all three members of No-Brand Videos before we left school, this video was quite an adventure. I have a lot of respect for other AMV creators who make videos to instrumental songs after working on this one- it takes a lot more work than would be expected.

    We had always liked this song, and Macross Plus seemed a perfect fit for it. By this time, we had gotten fairly good with Premiere, and were ready to try out a few more tricks. The superimposition of the fighters \'folding\' with the \'wormhole\' effect with the \'rippling\' through the fighter in synch with the beat of the music worked out far better than we had expected.

    I\'d love to go back and make more videos to the songs from this disc, \"Dead Winter Dead\" as it is a very good and powerful rock opera. (actually, one of my very near future projects involved doing just this...)

    (Addendum- March 2003)

    Well, the Carrot/Donut is now up, and I finally have the remastered version finished and up for download. This -should- have been done about 2 months ago, but the demise of my first WD1200JB took the nearly-completed remaster with it. Thankfully, remastering something like this (with pretty much straight cut and only one real \'effect\' was fairliy simple to do, so the remaster only took a day or so to do. And WOW does it look nice compared to the old file I have of it. Gotta love AVISynth and TMPGEnc. The only slight problem was with the ending scene- the video uses both footage from the OAVs and the Movies- there are some subtle differences that I hadn\'t even realized were there before (example: when the \'21 is getting battered by the Ghost and appears to have exploded (right before Guld removes the limiter), the scene with the 21 getting blasted is like a second longer in the movie). One of these is the ending scene- in the OAVs, the \"Dedicated to you, our future pioneers\" title comes up over a side view of the Macross sitting back in its lake as the sun rises. In the movie, the final scene (before the flashback song) with the same title is of Isamu and Myung (I almost typed Mylene... wrong series...) and the Gerwalk-mode YF-19 on a landing pad on the Macross looking out over the city as the sun rises. Well, in one of the most phenominally stupid moves I\'ve ever seen in DVD releases, the Macross Plus Movie is hard subbed. Why the %*(&$%# would anyone besides possibly a HK bootlegger (and it sounds like even they are learning) HARD-SUB a DVD??? It\'s a travesty. And a royal pain in the ass, as the subtitles for the song in that last scene required me to pull a few trick in AE to eliminate the subs.

    This video was always a favorite of our old club, and was the last one that No-Brand Videos did before we stopped being able to due to school constraints. Like all our videos, I\'m quite proud of it. The local download file is a VBR MPEG-1.

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