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  • Member: princess myu
  • Title: sailor earth's shameless plug for otherworld
  • Premiered: 2005-10-21
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  • Songs:
    • (unknown instrumental) (techno beat)
    • Carl Orff Oh Fortuna (Techno Remix)
    • chobits character songs chii's theme
    • Dragonball Z picclo vs 17
    • Inuyasha Deep Forest
    • Inuyasha evil narku
    • Inuyasha Grip
    • Inuyasha Kagomes theme
    • Inuyasha yoki sessmarou
    • Inuyasha OST 3 one day one dream
    • inuyasha ost2 Change The World - Inuyasha
    • Inuyasha Soundtrack Half Monster Inuyasha
    • Kenshin Heart of Sword
    • Loreena McKennitt -book of secrets porlog
    • Nightwalker Gessekai
    • Nightwalker track 2
    • Sailor Moon Saturn's theme
    • Sailor Moon - US version new day
    • Sailor Moon Sound Track amazon qutet
    • Sailor Stars OST my freinds
    • spike's world main theme
    • theme from Yu Yu Hakusho all right
    • theme from Yu Yu Hakusho battle music
    • Trigun, The First Donuts Soundtrack fools pardice
    • Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama's theme
    • Yu Yu Hakusho you make me smile
  • Anime:
  • Comments: this otherworld opening- otherworld ending it's 33 mintues and is too big for the org so you can either download 29 little videos or you can email me at i will give you my home address and you send me a blank cd-r if you want it on your computer or dvd-r if you want to have a dvd.

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