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  • Member: HexxmanN
  • Studio: Hexed Productions
  • Title: Twizted
  • Premiered: 2006-02-27
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Adam Sandler Sex Or Weight Lifting (clip)
    • Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Dr. Weird/Moth Monster Man Opening"
    • Aqua Teen Hunger Force Dr. Weird/Look & Behold opening
    • Clerks Uncensored (TV Series Cartoon) "Are you crazy?!" sound clip
    • Clerks Uncensored (TV Series Cartoon) "I'm a plaintiff!" sound clip
    • Clerks Uncensored (TV Series Cartoon) "Is this some sort of gay thing?" sound clip
    • Clerks Uncensored (TV Series Cartoon) "One of us!" sound clip
    • Clerks Uncensored (TV Series Cartoon) "Opening Credits" sound clip
    • Invader Zim "Doom Doom Doom" sound clip
    • Invader Zim "Pitiful Human" sound clip
    • Invader Zim Ending Credits
    • Monty Python You've got the wrong film!
    • Rodney Carrington "Going to church - DON'T MAKE ME WHIP YER ASS!!!" sound clip
    • south park "HEY YOU SCRAWNY BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP!!!" sound clip
    • south park "How do you know she has a cat?" sound clip
    • south park Opening Theme Song
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Here it is at last! My very first lip-synch video. It took me about five days (and nights) to make this. I came across a trial version of Serif MoviePlus 4 and decided to give it a try since I am unable to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

    I have one main fear about putting this video up, however. I fear some might possibly accuse me of trying to mimic the AMV Hell series. Though the idea for this video was somewhat influenced by AMV Hell, it is not my intention to actually copy AMV Hell. In fact, not one bit of the visual or audible elements were taken from AMV Hell, thus the composition is original.

    But, enough details, watch it and see what you think.

    EDIT: I forgot to put in the list that I also used the Clerks Cartoon to start off the video with the opening credits.

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